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ramblings of a mad mother
I sould be painting
Art Show Ar McKinzies 
22nd-Mar-2007 05:33 am
I spent yesterday framing and hanging art work for the show at McKinzies. So now it is all ready for Friday evening. It feels strange, I am excited but a little depressed at the same time and I am not sure why. I think it must be the stress of putting my work out there and the fear of rejection. What if no one likes it and non of it sells?

I'm I going to feel like this with every show I do?

The show at the winery last week end was a bit depressing even though I sold two paintings.
There was not the trafic the owners had hoped for. But I did have a fun time and the people that bought my paintings were happy with their purchases.

But I remember feeling aprehensive getting ready for that show too.

Hmm, it must be the fear of rejection and too the finachal stress of needed to sell just to pay for the framing.

So, if you live in my ariea, please come by McKinzies and see my artwork and let me know what you think. Thats McKinzies at 5835 Traffic Way in Atascadero, California.

Here is one painting that is in the show.

22nd-Mar-2007 03:37 pm (UTC)
I love your art. currently, I am saveing up to buy some. it's not like money grows on trees. good luck with the show.
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