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ramblings of a mad mother
I sould be painting
here's an update 
11th-Mar-2007 08:58 am
So much has happened sence yesterday.
I now have a show happening the 17th of March.
Here in our part of the world lots of grapes are grown and lots of wine is made and lots of "festivals" happen to promote the wine. Well I have friends that have a winery aand they have asked me to show my work for the Zin Fest which takes place the 17 and 18 of March.
The winery is Pipestone and they have some of the finest wine I've ever had, and I drink a lot of wine. So, I will be at Pipestone Winery Saterday, March 17 11:00 to 5:00 showing my artwork and talking to people about it and sharing a glass of wine or two.
Please visit their website;

Also, March 23, the fallowing Friday will be the opening for my show at McKenzie's 5835 Traffic Way, Atascadero 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening. An then the following Saterday I will be there as well helping to promote the down town buisnesses. That day I will be doing demos of my work process.
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