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ramblings of a mad mother
I sould be painting
Where have I been? 
10th-Mar-2007 08:50 am
hmmm that is the question.
I got a new job in January. I don't work evening any more but I come home so tired I can only fix dinner. I love my new job. I get to sculpt and paint. and even though they arn't my own creations, I am learning a lot and am gettting ideas for my own work.
this is where I work;
and this is me with something I made there;

The other thing that is keeping me busy is I am getting ready for a one women show at a boutique/gallery. The opening is on the 31 of this month and I have 16 paintings to frame. I do all my own framing.
This show is all nudes;

The other thing I'm working on is a costuming job for a play that will be performed in August.
The group is producin "Jesus Christ Superstar" and the director wants 60 to 80 performers and I need to design costumes for all of them. and I have to have all the designs done by May 1st. This will be my fifth play I will have costumed.

Right now even as I write this, I have art up fo auction on ebay! This is for a fundraiser to help promote art world wide. Please visit my ebay site and bid.

Well I had better get to work on those mats I need to cut.
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