Another Sunday

I don't know why I have so much trouble keeping a blog. I journal all the time. It must be because other people might read these ramblings. But thats the whole point,isn't it?

I guess I must get over this shyness I have.

i do have a new painting to show though. I'm not to shy to do that.

I think one of the reasons for my lack of confidence is my lack of computer knowledge.

some thing new to show

I finally have something new to show here. I made twenty five small journals for the art market I participate in each fall the month before Christmas. It is at the Art Center in San Luis Obispo, It is a very good event, and I always do well there. I do need to make a bunch more "stuff" for it though. It is very hard when you work full time to come home and keep working and try to be creative. i am also posting these journals on Etsy

Here is another cool thing, a "widget" from ArtWanted:

I hope this works. Some of what is here will be in the show at the Porch in October.

its been a long time

So much has happened since my last post. I have a different job. The play is over( it did OK) I am working on a commission for handmade books, and I have a show to get ready to hang on the first of October. And my computer crashed and I lost all my work that was on the hard drive.
I am slowly working on that but my focus must be the show. I hope to have about ten new pieces for that. and as soon as they are done I can up load them. I hope to be posting more as well.
Oh, the job thing, I work in at Eagle Castle Winery in Paso Robles. It is a lot of fun. And now I need to go get ready to go to work. lol

Finding time for eveything I want in my life

I have come to the conclusion that I am very lazy. Well I've known this for a long time really but looking around my home at all these unfinished art projects and the dirty floors and then I sit down at this computer to go on line to chat with friends instead of painting or cleaning. I'd call that very lazy.
I do come home from work very tired, after eight hours of working right along a bunch of young men working twice as fast. I use my brains as well as my body and it wares me out. I love my job. I get to paint and sculpt all day. And those slow pock guys are the greatist. We all have loads of fun. I just wish I had more creative energy when I got home.
I guess it doesn't help that I get up at 4:30 in the morning. But I need to get up to do my morning writing and fix lunches and breakfast and get everyone out the door to where they need to go.
My daughter goes to the local JC which is an hour bus ride to and needs to catch that bus by 7:30. I have to be at work at 7:00 so I get my lovely husband up at 4:30 too so he has time to do his yoga before driving us all to our destinations.

why am I writing all this?

I went to a production meeting yesterday for the play I am costuming. We toured the theater we get to use. It is so fabulous and big. Up til now I have only worked on plays that were in small make shift theaters. We converted a armory into a theater once, and a school gym. But this is a real theater and I am so excited. We are producing Jesus Christ Superstar and we open the second week of August. There are to be about 80 cast members hopefully.

So if anyone living in and around San Luis Obispo County please come and audition.
Here is the webpage for info.

well its time to go fix dinner bye for now.

Art Show Ar McKinzies

I spent yesterday framing and hanging art work for the show at McKinzies. So now it is all ready for Friday evening. It feels strange, I am excited but a little depressed at the same time and I am not sure why. I think it must be the stress of putting my work out there and the fear of rejection. What if no one likes it and non of it sells?

I'm I going to feel like this with every show I do?

The show at the winery last week end was a bit depressing even though I sold two paintings.
There was not the trafic the owners had hoped for. But I did have a fun time and the people that bought my paintings were happy with their purchases.

But I remember feeling aprehensive getting ready for that show too.

Hmm, it must be the fear of rejection and too the finachal stress of needed to sell just to pay for the framing.

So, if you live in my ariea, please come by McKinzies and see my artwork and let me know what you think. Thats McKinzies at 5835 Traffic Way in Atascadero, California.

Here is one painting that is in the show.

too much excitement for my old body

I am lazing in bed right now trying to recoup from this weekend I guess. I did work six hours at DWL today. There I painted an alligator that plays a banjo and a vulture that flaps it's wings. (these are all 3D critters)and a few other odds and ends. But my lower back is doing mean things to me so I came home early and am now resting. It was a beautiful day and still is. The temp got up to 88 degrees F. Perfect. Well I should get up and do some work, like put a painting into a frame. I am having a show this weekend and I still need to frame about 18 paintings.

here's an update

So much has happened sence yesterday.
I now have a show happening the 17th of March.
Here in our part of the world lots of grapes are grown and lots of wine is made and lots of "festivals" happen to promote the wine. Well I have friends that have a winery aand they have asked me to show my work for the Zin Fest which takes place the 17 and 18 of March.
The winery is Pipestone and they have some of the finest wine I've ever had, and I drink a lot of wine. So, I will be at Pipestone Winery Saterday, March 17 11:00 to 5:00 showing my artwork and talking to people about it and sharing a glass of wine or two.
Please visit their website;

Also, March 23, the fallowing Friday will be the opening for my show at McKenzie's 5835 Traffic Way, Atascadero 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening. An then the following Saterday I will be there as well helping to promote the down town buisnesses. That day I will be doing demos of my work process.

Where have I been?

hmmm that is the question.
I got a new job in January. I don't work evening any more but I come home so tired I can only fix dinner. I love my new job. I get to sculpt and paint. and even though they arn't my own creations, I am learning a lot and am gettting ideas for my own work.
this is where I work;
and this is me with something I made there;

The other thing that is keeping me busy is I am getting ready for a one women show at a boutique/gallery. The opening is on the 31 of this month and I have 16 paintings to frame. I do all my own framing.
This show is all nudes;

The other thing I'm working on is a costuming job for a play that will be performed in August.
The group is producin "Jesus Christ Superstar" and the director wants 60 to 80 performers and I need to design costumes for all of them. and I have to have all the designs done by May 1st. This will be my fifth play I will have costumed.

Right now even as I write this, I have art up fo auction on ebay! This is for a fundraiser to help promote art world wide. Please visit my ebay site and bid.

Well I had better get to work on those mats I need to cut.

ebay auction

I am trying some thing new on ebay. Every Tuesday I list a 6x4 inch painting for $9.95 and free shipping. I call this my Tuesday Offerings. These have all been my zig zag paintings and are all original art work.(I don't make prints of any of these)
This is this weeks Tuesday Offering;
Please visit my ebay auction.
Be original, buy original art.